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Planning Your Honeymoon

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Bora BoraFinally, you’re done with the marriage plans! The stress that comes with the wedding preparation is over and done with. Now it’s time to sit back, relax and wait for the big day! But wait…what about the honeymoon? There are things that you need to do to ensure that you and your partner will have the honeymoon of a lifetime.

Just like weddings, honeymoons also need careful planning. Not only will this save you a lot of stress in the long run, but time and money as well. It is highly recommended that planning a honeymoon must also be done ahead of time. You can do this just about the same time you plan your wedding. This article will show you what you need to know about planning a honeymoon and other important details that will serve as your guide to ensure that everything will go perfectly as planned.


Planning Tips for Honeymooners

Planning a honeymoon shouldn’t be stressful. Instead, it should be an exciting moment that you and your partner can do together. The sooner you start with the planning, the better. This will ensure that you will have every detail covered, like budget, location, schedule and getting the necessary documents. So, where do you start? Use the list below as your guide in planning the perfect honeymoon.

  • Budget

Set a honeymoon budget. How much are you willing to spend on airfare, accommodation and other expenses? A honeymoon being a special occasion, some opt to fly first class for a change. Know which one suits you best according to your budget. For frequent travelers, you might be able to save on airfare with your accumulated mileage points.  Opting for an all inclusive package will also help keep the costs down.

Same rule applies for resort accommodations. Talk to your partner about everything. There are luxury resorts and budget resorts that you can choose from.

  • Location and Duration

One of the main things you need to determine when planning a honeymoon is the location. Where do you want to spend it? There are thousands of spectacular locations all over the world perfect for newlyweds, Bora Bora being one of the most popular destinations. Of course, you also need to establish the duration of your honeymoon since this will have a direct impact on your budget.

  • Departure Date

Another important factor in planning a honeymoon. Know when you want to leave. Do you want to travel the day after your wedding, a week? Know that for some destinations, flights mostly leave early in the morning. Check the flight availabilities accordingly. You could also get discounts for early bookings. That’s why it’s important to make reservations early. There are also All Inclusive Honeymoon Packages that already include airline expenses. Choose a good season for your honeymoon. The last thing you need is a bad weather condition on this very special moment.

  • Honeymoon Type

This is something that you also need to discuss with your partner. This honeymoon isn’t only for you, but for the both of you. Keep an open communication. There are a lot of honeymoon types available out there – relaxation, cruise, tour, adventure or a mix of everything. You need to have a general idea of what you both want. This will be very helpful, especially if you seek the services of a travel agent. This way, you will be provided with the right options that best complement you and your partner’s needs.

  • Resort Type

Know that there are resorts that cater to family vacationers and those exclusive for adults only. Since you are on your honeymoon, you might want to choose the latter. Check for All Inclusive Honeymoon Packages to save on expenses. Many resorts worldwide offer these deals, giving you a general idea on how much you will be spending.

Aside from the all inclusive packages, a lot of resorts also offer special deals for honeymooners. These can come in the form of complimentary romantic beach dinners, breakfast in bed and massage for two among many others. Ask your travel agent for such benefits and which packages include special deals for honeymooners.

  • Payment

For airline reservations, payment is usually required within 24 hours. However, it’s a different story if you have availed of an All Inclusive Honeymoon Package that already included airfare. In general, travel agencies would oblige you to pay a minimum deposit for an all inclusive package, or any reservation you make in general. In most cases, complete payment must be settled within 45 days before the date of departure. Ask your agent regarding different payment plans available.

  • Vaccinations and Other Documents

Visa, for one, is required by some countries. That’s why it is important to determine ahead where you want to have your honeymoon. This way, you can prepare the necessary documents you and your partner need for the trip. Visa processing for some countries may take some time. Make sure that your passports are valid for more than 6 months before you enter your country of destination.

This goes the same for vaccinations. If you are going to an exotic location, check the country’s health advisory regarding vaccinations. Seek your doctor’s advice, as well. Your travel agent should be able to give you proper guidelines on Visa requirements, vaccinations and other documents you may need for your travel.

  • Travel Insurance

Wherever you travel, insurance is definitely of utmost importance, even if this is your honeymoon and you’re perfectly sure that the last thing you need is to cancel your trip. You need to prepare ahead for unforeseen circumstances that may arise, like bad weather, medical emergency, home emergency, lost/misplaced luggage and many more. Always invest in a Travel Insurance as this will serve as you and your partner’s protection for emergency situations during vacation.


Safety Precautions before the Honeymoon Trip

Now that you have the planning, booking and reservations covered, you only have to wait for the travel date for the much awaited honeymoon vacation. However, there are last-minute preparations that you need to do. Listed below are the necessary safety precautions that you can follow.

  • Before your trip, make sure to make a copy of your travel itinerary. This should include email addresses, personal mobile numbers, hotel address and hotel contact numbers. Give a copy to a close friend or family member. This should enable them to contact you in case of emergencies. Put another copy in your luggage as well.

  • Put a marker to all your luggage and distinct tags with you and your partner’s name. The details on tag must match with your name in the airline ticket. Luggage tags and markers will allow you to easily keep track of your belongings during the trip.

  • You might want to send your suitcases or other large luggage to your resort hotel ahead by FedEx or other courier service. This is especially useful if your honeymoon destination is just within the US. Travelling will be more convenient this way, and your large luggage will be there waiting for you at your resort hotel when you arrive.

  • Avoid packing valuable items, like jewelry and money, in the luggage. You must keep these with you in a carry on handbag at all times. Same goes for medicines.



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